Saturday, November 25, 2023

Sugar Fed Leopards

Sugar Fed Leopards (SFL) is excited to be closing out 2023 with a single launch at Shotkickers
We've been back in the studio this year recording our third album; a celebration of 10 years of sweet music-making, set for release in early 2024.

The single, _‘Need You Now’, _is a chugging, Bee Gee-esque disco tune conceived at a writing retreat in the picturesque gold mining town of Harrietville, Victoria.
The track has all the signature trademarks of an SFL song; jangly guitar, sleazy saxophone, soaring three-part harmonies and a bumping backline.

We are standing by and ready to whip up an ecstatic meringue on the Shotkickers dance floor, so join us as we launch this baby into the world.
Hope to see you there 

Two couples and three babies ventured Harrietville to embark on a weekend writing retreat. Steph took a walk by the rushing river and read on a nearby sign about the 1934 floods that devastated the entire town, and inspiration broke loose.

“The lyrics were directly lifted from the notice board in the car park in the centre of town and from a newspaper article that I looked up when we got home.” The recording space was quickly set up, the first whiskeys of the night poured, and the children put to bed.

Initially the song was conceived as a bluegrass tune, but hours later after the hot toddies had done their thing and the baby had stopped crying, an idea came about to take the song “...from bluegrass to blue light disco”, and here we are.