Friday, April 26, 2024

Firetail Album Launch

Six years ago, Six musicians had their first jam together in a faithful garage in Preston. The flames of Firetail were fanned into the fans of Firetail.
Come and celebrate this momentous occasion as Firetail release their debut Album. Joining them on the night are Toqui and Good Luck Omen.
Toqui are a 7-piece semi acoustic orchestral jazz ensemble filled with darkly cinematic horn-and-cello-laden arrangements following pianist-composer Oscar France. Like baroque minstrels, this suite of beautiful, bodacious and talented musicians dance up the score on a witched night where music and magic entwine. Thier recent album 'Wire Owl' evokes the collision of the natural world with urban environments and empty railway crossings, tranquil moonstruck pastures and flowing streams.
Good Luck Omen are a raw & vulnerable side of soul/jazz/RnB. Powerful yet intimate and direct in their delivery. Tunes
Praise for Firetail.....
“Truly a musical journey that moves in and out of jazz and neo soul textures to progressive experimental post rock with heavy doses of psychedelia all smacked with a wet sloppy kiss of jazztronica flavors”......American Pancake
'Dadaistic nu jazz, by one of the best emerging acts from Australia'..... Last Day Deaf
"I love this uninhibited band not only for their absolute commitment to creating this whacky music, but because they have a distinctly Melbourne sound that never fails to bring me back to the dark, sticky bars of my hometown."..........ABC Jazz
“This is how musical cognition may sound”..... Grotesqualizer
“The unique combination of instruments and approaches produced the effect of a new - and thoroughly beguiling - musical language. ” - Jessica Nicholas
— The Age
It goes down at Shotkickers on Friday the 26th of April.
$15 Presale + BF
$20 on the door